Tunic Beach Cover Ups – The Lighter Side of Beach Life

Tunic Beach Cover Ups – The Lighter Side of Beach Life

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There is no question that Sarongs are regarded as the classic beach cover up, and they’ve had this reputation for many years, but it seems they have to start sharing the crown with Tunic beach cover ups. The popularity of the latter has spawned a new trend among everyday women and celebrities alike. Names like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan typically appear along pictures of Tunic cover ups and there is a good reason for this. They hide various problem areas without taking away the fun of looking sexy.


What is a Tunic Beach Cover Up?

Generally speaking they are long and loose fitting, basically resembling a somewhat over-sized top. This, however, is strategically done because it covers arms that might look a little flabby, or a midriff you’re not proud of. With long sleeves and light material such as cotton or cheesecloth, the Tunic is worn like a gorgeous summer dress with the lowest point resting at the mid-thigh. Modern Tunic designs have no lack in sex-appeal and the there is nothing boring about this ethnic look. You can be sure that it will be in style at least once a year depending on the fashion season.

Fashionable Options:

– A Modern Age
For the ladies who want to present a contemporary taste then the High-Low Cover Up from designers like Raviya, Hobie and Miken is the way to go. It is the asymmetrical hem that cuts higher in the front and lower at the back that gives this silhouette it’s prominent and defining modern style. Combined with a sleek pair of sunglasses, a bandeau bikini and a straw fedora this tunic cover up will place you squarely in the “now” section.

– Boho-Chic
This choice is less statement and more casual. From designers such as La Blanca, Valdi and Dotti, this Tunic embodies the “laid-back” character of the season. It is breezy and captures a boho aesthetic that walks hand in hand with careless, self-spoken style. Adding a pair of thong sandals and a crocheted moniki will complete the look perfectly.

– Wild Style
If you want to make an impact and separate yourself from the crowd then animal-printed Tunic beach cover ups are the way to go. Kenneth Cole, Vivaldi and Michael Kors have designed some of the most unique styles in this category with patterns such as the hot and daring snakeskin prints that everyone will notice. Some suggestions to make it even more appealing would be gladiator sandals and a tiered tankini.


Making the Difficult Choice

When it comes to a Tunic beach cover up it’s a matter of location. Some are so gorgeous that you can wear them from the market to the beach and inside the house. Not all of them have long sleeves, so the real question is what you want to accentuate and what you want to hide. Always consider the accessories, sandals and bikinis you like to wear then make your choice according to these considerations. When you think about it, who needs a summer dress when you can wear a stylish Tunic cover up?

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Choosing a Terry Cloth Beach Cover Up

Choosing a Terry Cloth Beach Cover Up

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When¬†heading to the beach, a great accessory to bring along is a terry cloth cover up. ¬†This durable, ultra soft and versatile material is perfect for a swimsuit cover up, or right after taking a shower. What’s more, there are hooded cover ups that keep your skin protected from the intense heat of the sun. You may even wear these pieces at home when you just feel like putting on something comfortable and relaxed.

So, find the best terry cloth cover up for you, as well as the different styles available in the market as you read along.

What is a Terry Cloth?

A terry cloth comes with a high loop pile that is set on either one side or both sides of the fabric. It is the fabric’s unique type of weave that gives a remarkable texture and plush quality to terry.

The fabric is also quite absorbent, thanks to the cotton loops that help absorb moisture. Since it is durable and easy to maintain, there is no need to iron the material before use. You can also expect terry to hold quite perfectly well to frequent washing.

Different Styles Available

Whether you are aiming for a sporty or sexy look, you can find the right style of cover up that will complement your style. Here are some of the popular styles of cover ups and the best features of each.

1. Tunic Style Cover Up

This style features a raceback tunic with a semi-flared skirt that falls above the knees, a scoop neckline and adjustable waistline. You can wear this tunic cover up before a swim, while taking a relaxing stroll along the beach, or right after your shower. Perfect during the warm weather, this tunic style cover up is the finest companion to your favorite swimsuit.

2. Tube Dress Cover Up

Another great style is this tube dress cover up, which comes with an adjustable and elasticized waist and some detailing at the bust area for an extra sexy appeal. The fabric is also lightweight, comfortable and chic, so you can wear this cover up and still feel like a million bucks.

3. Long Romper

Add a nice twist to your usual cover up with the long romper. It features a pull-on design, lightweight fabric and some extra details at the bust area. The leg area is also wide enough to give you a better sense of movement.

4. Poncho

Unleash the fashionista in you with this poncho style cover up. It features a V-shaped neckline, sassy tassel on the border, and an interesting border with contrasting colors. Made of 100 percent cotton, this cover up is amazingly soft and fluffy.

5. Baby Doll Cover Up

This cute and comfy cover up has a delicate A-line skirt ad strapless top with covered elastic to make sure that it hugs your body snugly without causing irritation. In addition, the cover up has shiny gold-plated slots and a drawstring to give you the best fit.

Choosing the Best Cover Up Style

With so many styles to choose from, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed about making the best choice of cover up to buy. However, deciding on the perfect item only requires you to consider your height, weight and personal preference when selecting the best cover up for you. For instance, long-legged women will look great on a long romper while shorter women may want to try the tunic style. As for those who wish to flaunt their adorable features, the BabyDoll cover up will look just fine.

With all these in mind, be sure to purchase the right cover up for you that is comfortable, versatile, stylish, and durable enough to last after multiple washing.

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